June 28, 2017

KSAMC celebrates Jamaica Day 2022

The Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC), on February 25, 2022, joined the nation in observing the annual Jamaica Day celebrations observed this year under the theme, "Celebrating Jamaica: Building Character: Hearts Through the Arts".

His Worship the Mayor of Kingston, Senator Delroy Williams, CD, marked the day by a symbolic raising of the Jamaican flag, outside the KSAMC's head offices on Church Street where he was joined by KSAMC staff members and Councillors.

Flags were also raised at the Flag Circle Recreational Park, officially opened in July 2018, as a symbol of community, leadership, passion and pride. The transformational project was conceptualized to represent and inspire patriotism, national pride and leadership among the residents of Kingston and St. Andrew.

"Raising our national flag at Flag Circle, a City rejuvenation project, is truly fitting as we celebrate Jamaica, build character and 'join hands and hearts through arts'," said Mayor Williams.

The KSAMC is ensuring that critical services such as markets, development approval processes, poor relief shelters and services for the homeless are continuously reviewed and improved.

The Corporation is at the forefront of drives to improve public order and sanitation, while ensuring that businesses which deliver personal care achieve and maintain the highest levels of sanitation.

In Kingston's communities, KSAMC councillors continue like never before, to intervene and represent community concerns and are the first line of contact during natural and man-made disasters.

In keeping with this year’s Jamaica Day theme, Mayor Williams, invited students from primary schools across the municipality to participate in a tour of the  newly-painted murals in downtown Kingston.

His Worship the Mayor of Kingston, Senator Delroy Williams, CD Raising The Flag

The tour was aimed at giving the children an appreciation for art which is being utilised as a focal point for renewing and beautifying the City for the benefit of citizens and visitors alike, as well as creating satellite enterprises for community tourism projects and economic generating activities, among others.The project is also in keeping with the KSAMC’s ongoing thrust to beautify and reinject life in the City.Traditional Jamaican downtown street culture was also highlighted as part of the celebrations as a symbolic expression to project the rich diversity of Jamaican food, music, art and other cultural expressions in the heart of downtown Kingston while showing what Kingston can be and must be!Kingston is the first Caribbean city to be appointed as a Creative Music City and this honour is well deserved and highly regarded, and the KSAMC, having worked extensively in partnership with other key stakeholders, is indeed happy that this signal honour has been conferred on the city. This is, indeed, testament to the creativity, vibe and spirit of a gifted people, naturally endowed with unequalled talent and boundless enthusiasm.

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