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Places of Amusement

Places of Amusement

Any place open to the public for purposes of entertainment either free or for a fee. Permission for operating is obtained from the KSAMC by granting of a licence. A place of amusement includes the following:
  • Open Air Dance
  • Party
  • Night Club, Theatre
  • Festival
  • Sporting Events
  • Any other activity deemed entertainment
There are two types of licence, special event licences which are granted on a daily basis and annual licences which are granted from the 1 st of April of one year to the 31 st March of the following year.Application deadline for annual licences, thirty (30) days before expiry date and special events; at least five (5) working days before event date.


  • Completion of Application form
  • Public liability, fire and allied perils insurance
  • Fire certificate from the fire prevention department
  • Floor and site plan

Revocation/Refusal of Licence

  • Applicant or Licencee has been convicted of criminal offence or;
  • Non-compliance with any of the prescribed requirements

Penalty for Non- Compliance

  • Closure of Venue/Event
  • Prosecution
$4,500 for 1000 or less patrons) or $15,000 for more than 1000 patrons

Advertising (Signs & Billboards)

Advertising (Signs & Billboards)

Permission must be sought from the KSAMC before putting up sign, billboards, banners etc, for advertising purposes. You should submit applications for:
  • Shop signs
  • Billboards
  • Banners
  • Party Signs
  • Building Branding
  • Murals

Submitting the Application

Complete four (4) copies of the application form along with;
  • A sketch of location site showing the surrounding properties, the existing sidewalk androadways and all signs
  • Detailed plan of the sign-two(2) elevations/angles( eg, front and side)
  • Payment of requisite fee

  Pre acceptance

LED Board
Wall Mural or Painting
Scrolling Signs
Bus Shelter
Banners - String Type
Single Side(1 day-5 weeks)
Banners - Pennant Type Single Side(1 day-5 weeks)
Banners -Pennant on JPS Poles Single face(1 day-5 weeks)
Small Signs and Party Signs Single Side (4x4) and less
Irregular shaped sign example: Cylindrical,spheroid sides, etc.
Building and Inspection Fee
Refundable Bond


Rates per m2

$4,055 plus building and inspection fee
$364.50 per display side plus Building and Inspection Fee
$364.50 per display side plus Inspection Fee
$364.50 per display side plus Inspection Fee
$364.50 per display side plus Building and Inspection Fee
$1,014.00 Per display side plus Inspection
$3,750.00 Per display side plus Inspection Fee
$3,750.00 Per display side plus Inspection Fee
$2,604.00 per display side plus Inspection Fee
$7,500.00 for 50 flyers (to be displayed only on Community Notice Boards)
$364.50 plus Inspection Fee
$130.00/m 2 + $3,000.00 per Inspection
$50,0000.00(The bond will be for forfeited if applicant fails to remove the advertisement at thee xpiration of seventy two (72) hours after the event)
$6,000.00 per annum or part thereof


Pre acceptance

  • Complete application forms and supporting documentation
  • Checklist dated and provided to applicant
  • Applicant pays calculated fees and return completed application to registry


  • Completed application and supporting documents validated
  • Application registered and assigned reference number
  • Site visited and propose application assessed
  • Sent to Committee for recommendation

Approval & Notification

  • Committee makes decision to approve/refuse
  • Approval/Refusal letter prepared with conditions/reasons sent to applicant
See table above


Trade Licence

This is a permit issued by municipality which allow individuals or companies to conduct business within the government’s geographical jurisdiction. There are several types of trade licences namely; Barber licence, Hairdresser licence, Cosmetologist licence & Beauty Therapist Licence


  • Complete Application form
  • Take in a health certificate issued by the medical Officer (Public Health) date no longer than two (2) weeks prior to the application date
  • Take in passport size photographs stamped and signed by a Justice of the Peace(JP)- (3 passport size photographs for first timers and 2 passport size photographs for renewals)
  • Take in passport size photographs stamped and signed by a Justice of the Peace(JP)- (3 passport size photographs for first timers and 2 passport size photographs for renewals)
  • A certified copy of the relevant certificate or diploma by a professional training institution
  • Take along your TRN and pay the requisite fees
  • Then go to Public Health department and pay five hundred dollars ($500) to receive atest date
  • In three (3) weeks one should receive a call to collect licences
Barber New 2500
BARBER Renewal 2500
Hairdresser New 3000
Hairdresser Renewal 3000
Trainee New 500
Trainee Renewal 500
Cosmotologist New 3000
Cosmotologist Renewal 3000
Beauty Therapist New 3500
Beauty Therapist Renewal 3500

Property Tax Discretionary Relief

Property Tax Discretionary Relief

This is an incentive given to persons who are unable to pay their property taxes for a particular period. This relief is granted to pensioners, persons with disabilities and individuals who show that they definitely cannot afford the payment.


  • An application form has to be completed
  • The applicant must have a valid identification (passport, drivers licence, nation ID)
  • Tax Registration Number (TRN)
  • Must pay 25% or a quarter of the current tax obligation
  • Pensioner- proof of pension
  • Applicant must own the property
  • Applicant must live on property
  • Relief is given to only one property per person
Cost $1,500 - $3,000


Butcher Licence

This a licence granted to individuals who deemed competent by the KSA public health authorityfor the slaughtering of animals. Cost $3,000- $1,500 for the three application forms and another $1,500 for the actual licence.


  • Three application form filled out by applicant and an inspector of Police
  • Three passport size pictures stamped and signed by a Justice of the Peace (JP)
  • A representative from KSA Public health will inspect abattoir to see if the premises is fitor not fil to conduct business.
Cost $1,500 - $3,000



Rates for parking in the Kingston metropolitan area
Parking Rates
Monthly Parking 15,000
Hourly Parking 150
On Street Parking 1,500


The Kingston & St. Andrew Muncipal Corporation manages the May Pen Cemetery, the Port Royal Cemetery and the Belvedere Cemetery.
Home Burial Persons who wish to bury their loved ones at home are required to apply directly to the KSAMC. 6500
Pauper Burial Pauper burials are free and facilitated at the May Pen Cemetery. Proper documentation must be provided by the Poor Relief Department and taken to the KSAMC office in order to receive a burial order, which should thereafter be submitted to the Superintendent of the May Pen Cemetery. 0
Square Cut 2500
Vault Spot 3000
Public Grave 2000
Child Grave 1000
Child Vault 1200



The Kingston & St. Andrew Municipal Operation owns and operates seventeen (17) markets across the municipality.
CORONATION MARKETS & ANNEXES 34 1/2 Spanish Town Road - Kgn. 1,763 Wholesale & Retail of :- Ground Provision, Furits & Vegetable, Grocery etc.
RED ROSE FISH MARKET 1 Rose Lane - Kingston 30 Wholesale & Retail of Fish
OXFORD MALL ARCADE & ANNEXES 9 Pechon Street - Kingston 600 Haberdashery & Dry Goods
NEW COAL YARD MARKET 9 Pechon Street - Kingston 22 Wholesale & Retail of Charcoal and Dwelling
REDEMPTION ARCADE & ANNEXES 22 West Street - Kingston 155 Haberdashery & Dry Goods
CONSTANT SPRING ARCADE 23 Constant Spring Road - Kgn. 10 288 Haberdashery & Dry Goods
HALF- WAY- TREE DESIGNED VENDING AREA Half-Way-Tree & Environs- Kgn. 10 154 Beverages, Snacks, , Fruits, Haberdashery & Newspapers
DARLING STREET TRANSPORT CENTRE 1-3 Beckford Street - Kingston 68 Prepared Food, Snacks and Beverages Rural Bus Terminus
PECHON STREET TRANSPORT CENTRE 7 Pechon Street - Kingston 70 Prepared Food, Snacks and Beverages / Urban Areas Terminus
PEARNEL CHARLES ARCADE 1-3 East Parade- Kingston 278 Haberdashery & Dry Goods
QUEENS MARKET & ANNEXES 110 Princess Street - Kingston 626 Wholesale & Retail of :- Ground Provision, Furits & Vegetable, Grocery etc.
CROSS ROADS MARKET 5 Half-Way-Tree Road - Kgn. 5 106 Ground Provision, Fruits & Vegs. Meat & Fish, Prepared Food
BRENTFORD ROAD ANNEX 56 Brentford Road - Kingston 5 75 Haberdashery & Dry Goods
65 MALL ARCADE & ANNEX 65 Church Street - Kingston 167 Haberdashery & Dry Goods
PAPINE MARKET 2 Golding Average - Kingston 6 201 Ground Provision, Fruits & Vegs. Meat & Fish, Prepared Food, Hardware Items
CONSTANT SPRING MARKET 195 Constant Spring Road - Kgn. 10 67 Ground Provision, Fruits & Vegs. Meat & Fish, Prepared Food
STONY HILL MARKET 1 Fort George Road -Stony Hill , Kgn. 9 15 Ground Provision, Fruits & Vegs. Meat & Fish, Prepared Food


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