The City of Kingston is a 'cultural mecca' bursting with a vast array of attractions; ranging from restaurants, entertainment corners, and creative hubs.

Alongside being titled a Creative City of Music, Kingston boasts the seventh largest natural harbour in the world.
Jojo's Restaurant
Pizza Please
Broken Plate
Chillin Serengetti
Teatree Creperie
The Porch
Strawberry Hill
Cafe Blue
Blue Ridge
Etis Cafe
Devon House
M10 Bar & Grill
South Avenue Grill
CRU Bar & Kitchen
Nirvanna Indian Fusion Cuisine
Pastry Passions
Glorias Seafood City

Jojo's Jerk Pit

Whether it’s to blow off some steam after work or just to catch up with friends, we know you’re looking for a spot to simply unwind and enjoy the here and now!What started off as a place for friends to hang on a Friday afternoon behind the popular Farm Market, grilling on a make shift grill. It evolved into one of Kingston’s premier eateries after competing in the Jack Daniels BBQ Competition for fun and then crowned the Jack Daniels King of BBQ. More than 10 years later we still serve our Championship ribs but most of all our authentic Jerk Pork and chicken are known for their top quality.

Website : http://jojosjerkpit.com

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 11AM – 11 PM
                              Sat Bar Open ’till 11PM

Telephone: +1(876)9061509

Location: 12 Waterloo Rd, Kingston

Pizza Please

Owner Pietro Giuliani, no stranger to Jamaica, has been visiting the island for a decade. Now settled, complete with a Jamaican wife, he has realized his dream of opening an authentic pizzeria. "Pizza is street food in Italy and I wanted that kind of concept where all can afford to enjoy it." And that he has managed to do at the $280 per slice price point — for by Saturday when we returned the head count since the Thursday opening was over 700. Not bad considering Giuliani was merely gauging the response to his fresh artisan pizzas.

Website : https://www.facebook.com/pizzapleaseja/

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: 9AM – 6PM
Telephone: +1 (876) 667-0417

Location: Shop #3 Village Plaza, 24 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston

Broken Plate

The concept of Broken Plate came from wanting to break away from the traditional menu and dining experience locally, by allowing the creativity of our team to ‘go wild’ in creating signature dishes. With a seasonal menu, featuring a fusion of local and international influences combined with the finest wine selections. Broken Plate brings a refined, cosmopolitan flair to Jamaican culinary tradition that offers an experience where all the senses are stimulated.

Website : https://brokenplatejamaica.com

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Telephone: +1(876) 667 6891

Location: 14 Canberra Crescent Kingston 6, Jamaica

Chilling Serengetti

Lush greenery swaying as ambrosial aromas dance to reggae beats in the open air. The delights of savory and sweet making a uniquely culinary convergence in the most serene of surroundings. Prepare to discover the true meaning of 'rustic meets magnifique' when you experience the tropical oasis of Chillin' Serengeti.

Website : https://chillinrestaurant.com

Opening Hours:     Sun – 4pm – 10pm
                          Mon – CLOSED
                                 Tue – 4pm – 11pm
                                 Wed – 4pm – 11pm
                                  Thur – 4pm – 11pm
                             Fri – 4pm – 1am
                              Sat – 4pm – 1am
Telephone: +1 (876) 630 7183

Location: Gibson Close, Hope Zoo, Kingston, Jamaica

Teatree Creperie

We offer a "French Fusion", Cordon Bleu-style menu with a twist for all palates. The first of its kind in Jamaica, it's likely you've never experienced a meal quite like this. Served by friendly faces, their amazingly sweet & savory varied menu is elevated by the quaint, inviting setting and extraordinary customer service.

Website : https://teatreecreperie.com

Opening Hours:    Sun – 9am – 7pm
                                   Mon – 8am - 10pm
                                    Tue – 8am – 10pm
                                    Wed – 8am – 10pm
                                     Thur – 8am – 12am
                                  Fri – 8am – 12am
                                  Sat – 9am – 12am
Telephone: +1 (876) 978-7333

Location: 80 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston, Jamaica

The Porch

The Porch is something new and different, I believe that a successful city thrives on various experiences and we wanted to recreate that. Everybody who comes here gets something different from it, but we are extremely comfortable, laid-back and top-notch quality

Website : http://www.theporchja.com

Opening Hours:     Sun – 9am – 7pm
                                  Mon – CLOSED
                                 Tue – 4pm – 12am
                                  Wed – 4pm – 11pm
                                   Thur – 11am – 11pm
                               Fri – 11am – 12am
                                 Sat – 4pm – 12am
Telephone: +1 (876) 978-7333

Location: 9 Phoenix Ave, Kingston, Jamaica

Strawberry Hill

Why leave the comfort and picturesque views of your mountainside room? Enjoy ackee & saltfish, Jamaica’s National Dish, and Blue Mountain coffee on your veranda while enjoying the comfort of our plush terry bathrobes. Strawberry Hill is pleased to offer in-room dining featuring an extensive selection of authentic Jamaican dishes, fresh squeezed juices and delicious cocktails.

Website : https://www.strawberryhillhotel.com

Opening Hours: Breakfast: 8:00 am – 10:30 am
                       Lunch: 12:00 am – 4:00 pm
                       Dinner: 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Telephone: +1 (876) 944-8400

Location: New Castle Road, Irish Town, Jamaica

Cafe Blue

Located in Sovereign Centre,  Liguanea, this is your perfect neighbourhood coffee shop, offering delicious breakfast and lunch options all day, and of course, your cup of the world’s finest coffee!

Website : https://cafeblue.com

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00am – 8:00pm
                Saturday 7:00am – 9:00pm
              Sunday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Telephone: +1 (876) 978-7790

Location: Sovereign Center, Kingston, Jamaica

Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge provides the ideal location for a quiet romantic getaway or an opportunity to unplug and rejuvenate your soul. Tucked away on our privately owned farm, the restaurant and cottages at Blue Ridge reveal breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains and the city lights of Kingston below. When the fog rolls in off the mountains and the rainbows dance in the valley below, you will know that heaven is a place on earth.

Website : https://blueridgeja.com/#restaurant

Opening Hours: Saturday/Sunday 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Telephone: +1(876) 562-7580

Location: Lot 9 Salt Hill Rd, St. Andrew ,Jamaica

Etis Cafe

EITS Café, acronym for “Europe In The Summer”,
offers a delish dining experience.
From our on property,
‘Food Basket Farm’; EITS Café incorporates fresh salad greens, herbs and produce in a fusion of Jamaican & European cuisine.

Website : https://www.17milepostja.com/eits-cafe-restaurant/

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 9:00am – 6:00pm

Location: Irish Town Newcastle, Kingston, Jamaica


Ribbiz UltraLounge is a premium hang-out spot for the discerning Jamaican. We offer an enchanting atmosphere within a central locale. We provide our customers with delectable drinks and food and offer a dynamic playground that sets the tone for nightlife fun. Bring only your best friends and make Ribbiz your home

Website : http://ribbiz.com

Opening Hours: Monday 12pm – 3am
                               Tuesday 12pm – 3am
                                     Wednesday 12pm – 3am
                                 Thursday 12pm – 3am
                            Friday 12pm – 4am
                                Satuday 12pm – 4am
                               Sunday 12pm – 3am

Telephone: +1(876) 404-8116
+1(876) 410-7637

               Location : 29 E Kings House Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

                             Location: Victoria Pier, Ground floor, Ocean Blvd, Kingston , Jamaica

Devon House

One of Jamaica’s most celebrated historic landmarks, the Devon House Mansion is the architectural dream of Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel. Having gained his wealth from gold mining in South America, Stiebel was among three wealthy Jamaicans who constructed elaborate homes during the late 19th century at the corner of Trafalgar Road and Hope Road. This corner fittingly became known as the Millionaire’s Corner.

Website : https://www.devonhouseja.com/restaurants-shops

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 10:00am – 12:00am

Location: 26 Hope Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

M10 Bar & Grill

Great food good music in an open air setting a must stop when in Jamaica we boast award winning chef Mrs Claudette Tenn. As The Jamaica Observer food awards says we are "JA Best Kept Secret".

Website : https://www.facebook.com/M10BarAndGrill/

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday (10:00am – 12:00am)

Telephone: +1(876) 930-2112
+1(876) 880-2884

Location: 6 Vineyard Town Rd, Vineyard Town Kingston, Jamaica

South Avenue Grill

At South Avenue Grill we believe in only the best! Prime cuts of meat, hand picked produce and customer service is our priority. Our menu is typically that of a steak house heavily influenced by the South American tradition of outdoor grilling. We also compliment our menu with a number of Jamaican and international dishes so there's something for everyone.
Enjoy our breathtaking ambiance in our elegantly casual dining atmosphere consisting of poolside, covered al fresco or garden setting for your dining experience. Our wait staff believes in the merit system of excellent service and is employed on the basis of tips earned. Therefore you, our valued customer will never have to pay a mandatory service charge.

Website : http://www.southavenuegrill.com

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturdays (12:00pm - 10:00pm)
                           CLOSED ON SUNDAYS 

Telephone: +1(876) 754-1380

Location: 20A South Avenue. Kingston, Jamaica

CRU Bar & Kitchen

CRU Bar & Kitchen owned and operated by Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ), one of the island's leading food and beverage importers and distributors, opened in 2013, quickly becoming a go-to hangout for young professionals who stop by the rooftop watering hole in droves on their way home from work. Especially popular on Friday evenings, CRU boasts a smart, modern ambiance with premium drinks, wines from the CPJ portfolio and finger food to tie you over till dinner.

Website : https://www.facebook.com/CruBarAndKitchen/

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday (11:00am - 9:00pm)

Telephone: +1(876) 571-1168

Location: 71 Lady Musgrave Rd, Kingston, Jamaica


Nirvanna the restaurant,much like it's adjective namesake "nirvana', inspire a compelling sense of calm - a stillness of the mind, oblivious to the hustle and bustle just below one of Kingston's busy midtown streets. According to owner Mahek, "Nirvanna is exactly what I had envisioned; a refuge in the middle a great, authentic Indian meal." As fusion restaurant, Nirvanna strikes an aesthetic balance of ethnic and contemporary with Moroccan design elements accenting a definitive rich, Indian palace ambienece. "I wanted a unique representation of faded frescos of old caves, and was thrilled to find the perfect tiles, which we used on the tables. Our white onyx bar is our focal point and being a transparent stone, it is spectacular to see with the lights illuminated from the inside,' Mahek speaks proudly of the design of her new eatery, which is already gaining a strong foothold in Kingston's culinary arena.

Website : https://www.nirvanna-jamaica.com

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday (11:30am - 8:00pm)

Telephone: +1 (876) 927-9077

Location: 1A 80 Lady Musgrave Road, Jamaica


Play a few slots in the gaming lounge, catch a game in our sports bar, have a
family night on the terrace, or sip a margarita on the rooftop while the sun sets. Each destination offers a different ambiance, but they all share one thing in common - excellent service! At 100 Hope Road, a true 100 experience is guaranteed!

Website : https://onehundredja.com

Opening Hours: Monday - Wednesday 12pm -2am
                            Thursday - Saturday 12pm - 3am
   Sunday 5pm - 2am

Telephone: +1 (876) 665-3238

Location: 100 Hope Road, Jamaica, Kingston


Our fusion of Jamaican and Mexican flavours are one of a kind with options for vegans and carnivores alike. Hungry yet? Along with our colourful selection of Margaritas, we also have a selection of creative signature cocktails to suit all tastes.

Website : https://www.chilitosjamexican.com

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 11am -10pm
                 Saturday 11am - 11pm
       Sunday CLOSED

Telephone: +1 (876) 561-3273

Location: 88 Hope Rd, Kingston, Jamaica


Fans on the international chain "TGI Friday's" will feel right at home here. The menu features all of the Friday's favourites, including a wide range of steaks, burgers, fajitas and salads. The walls are elaborately decorated with movie pop and sports memorabelia and the lively bar serves an impressive range of potent cocktails.

Website : http://www.tgif-tt.com/jamaica/

Opening Hours: Sunday- Monday (11am -6pm)
Telephone: +1 (876) 978-8443

Location: 51 Hope Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Glorias Seafood City

The name Gloria's is synonymous with good food and great vibes with friends. Located in the historic town of Port Royal, the team at Gloria’s has perfected the art of making Jamaican seafood dishes simply delicious.

Website : http://gloriasseafoodja.com/

Opening Hours: Sunday- Thursday (11am -11pm)
        Friday - 11am- 12am
     Saturday 1pm-12am

Telephone: +1 (876) 619-7905

Location: Victoria Pier located on Ocean Boulevard
106 Hope Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Pastry Passions

Pastry Passions opened its first retail bakery location at the Sovereign Centre in Kingston, Jamaica on January 11, 2007. It was definitely off to a rocky start, as there was no refrigeration, so they had to store their eggs in the pastry display cases in full view of the customers, along with the baked products for sale. Pastry Passions has come a long way since then. We are happy to report that not only does Pastry Passions have refrigeration, but it also has established its strong reputation as the best retail bakery in Jamaica, some even say the world!Our vision is to be the destination of choice globally for all birthday cakes and other baked products and desserts, while still creating the unique atmosphere of authentic, unpretentious, cozy neighborhood bakeries.Our best sellers include the hummingbird cake, red velvet cake, black forest cake, rich chocolate cake, milkshakes and Bailey’s Irish Cream cheesecake.

Website : https://pastrypassions.com

Opening Hours: Sunday- Monday (8am -6pm)
Telephone: +1 (876) 946-0319

Location: Shop 17, Sovereign Centre
106 Hope Rd, Kingston, Jamaica