Application Forms and Guidelines


Building Development Application Process

A person who proposes to carry out building work shall apply in the prescribed form and manner to the Local Authority for the appropriate building permit. The Kingston & St Andrew Municipal Corporation accepts and considers applications for building permission within Kingston& St Andrew and makes determination on the applications. Applications for building approval are concerned primarily with the structural integrity of the proposed building/structures. Building applications may be referred to the National Environmental Planning Agency (NEPA) if there is an accompanying planning component.

    Under the Building Act, permission is required for any of the following :-

    • Construction/Erection of building
    • Demolition of building
    • Additions /alterations and external repairs
    • Temporary building & Farm House
    • Retention/Change in use of building from one useclass to another( eg. residential to commercial).

          Please Note

          An application could take approximately four (4) weeks (for residential single family buildings, while all other applications may take between 60 to 90 days (If you are not certain as to whether or not you need a permit please contact your Local Authority).



          What is a Subdivision?

          A subdivision is the process of dividing a larger parcel of land into smaller parcels and obtaining titles (splinter titles) for each divided parcel. In order to divide your land so that titles can be obtained for each divided portion a subdivision approval must be obtained from the Municipal Corporation within the parish the land is located. Applications for subdividing lands in Kingston & St Andrew must be submitted to the Kingston & St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) and are referred to several external agencies such as the National Environmental Planning Agency (NEPA), National Works Agency (NWA), Ministry of Health and Wellness and others for technical comments and recommendations. However, the decision to approve or refuse rests with the KSAMC.

                Submitting a Subdivision Application

                If you are submitting an application for subdivision of land the following are required:-
                1. Six (6) Application Forms properly filled out and fees paid. Please note that other agencies such as NWA and NEPA may charge a fee.

                2. Proof of ownership – A Certified copy of title from the National Land Agency (NLA) no more than 30 days old must be submitted. If your name is not on the title a Sale Agreement,Deed of Gift, Probate of Will or other Transfer documents duly certified must be submitted in addition to the copy of the title.

                3. Land Valuation Certificate and current Property Tax certificate.

                4. Surveyor’s Report and diagram no older than 12 months.

                5. Valid National Water Commission (NWC) Certificate or most recent Water Bill (If all Proposed Lots have metered water. In the event that the NWC cannot provide domestic water a proposal must be provided as to how domestic water will be supplied to the site.

                6. Fire approval from the Jamaica Fire Brigade.

                7. For application fewer than ten (10) lots, sixteen (16) copies of the Subdivision Plans must be submitted.

                8. For application over ten (10) lots or applications under ten (10) lots but over five (5) acres twenty two (22) copies of the plans must be submitted. Please note, where the subdivision involves 10 or more lots a separate application for an Environmental Permit must be made to the NRCA (located at NEPA).

                9. Four (4) sets of Drainage Plans must be submitted if the proposal is for multi-familydevelopment.

                10. All Plans are to be signed and dated by a Commissioned Land Surveyor.

                11. All plans should have the same signature, occupation and address of owner or agent.

                12. Where applicable a detailed infrastructure estimate is to be submitted to cover cost of road construction (new), laying of water mains, drainage etc.

                13. Detailed plans for river or gully training works should be submitted where applicable.

                14. All applications for non-agricultural subdivisions ten (10) lots and over must be accompanied by a site investigation report and soil percolation test report. Applicants are advised to consult with the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Environmental Health Unit (EHU) and the Mines and Geology Division for guidelines in preparing these reports.

                Calculator For Subdivision Estimate

                Places of Amusement License

                No person shall operate a place of amusement in Kingston and St Andrew without a licence granted to that person for the place of amusement. In other words, a place open to the public for purposes of entertainment either free or for a fee is required to obtain a Places of Amusement Licence from the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC). Places of Amusement include but not limited to the following: Open Air Dance Party Night Club, Theatre Festival Sporting Events Any place where a coin operated amusement machine is     open to the public Any other activity deemed entertainment

                Types of Places of Amusement Licence  There are two types of Places of Amusement Licences that are granted by the KSAMC.

                1. Annual Licence - This is granted from the 1st of April of on year to the 31st of March of the following year. The annual licence is appropriate for businesses that offer entertainment to the public as part of their routine daily operations.Applications for an annual licence should be done no later than March 1st of each year. Failure to do so will attract a penalty charge. 

                2. Special Event – This is a type of Amusement Licence granted to persons or businesses hosting special entertainment events through out the year at the same location or various locations throughout the municipality. Application deadline should be at least ten (10) working days before the date of the event for events that are expected to have less than 1000 patrons. For events that are expected to have more than 2000 patrons application for an Amusement Licence should be received no later than twenty one (21)working days before the date of the event. Failure to comply will result in a penalty charge.

                Advertising Signs

                Advertising (Signs & Billboards)

                The display of advertising signs is regulated by the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisement Regulation, 1978) and the Kingston and St Andrew Building Act,1883. Before an advertisement is displayed in the view of the public approval must be sought and obtained from the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation.  Application for approval must be submitted but not limited to the following:- Business/Shop Signs Billboards Banners Party Signs Building Branding Murals Directional Signs 

                Steps to be taken when submitting an application for approval

                1. Complete four (4) copies of the application form

                2. Complete encroachment application form (If sign encroach on government property)

                3. Provide a sketch of the site location showing the surrounding properties ü the existing sidewalk and road ways ALL existing signs

                4. Detailed plan of the sign – two (2)elevations/angles (eg. front and side)

                5. Payment of requisite fee Once the completed application form and supporting documentation are validated the application will be registered and assigned a reference number. The approval process may require site visits after which the proposed application will be assessed and forwarded to the Building and Town Planning Committee for approval/refusal.
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                More Applications

                Trade license

                Any person carrying on a trade or business (retailer or wholesale) is required to take out a Trade Licence. The Trade Licence can be obtained at the Tax Administration of Jamaica(TAJ). The Trade Licence is applicable to;

                Merchant or General Factor
                For each designated place of business with capability to store in and deliver out of public and other warehouse.

                Wholesale Dealer
                For each designated place of business with capability to store in and deliver out of public and other warehouse.

                For each designated place of business.

                Auctioneer or Commission Agent
                For each designated place of business and person carrying on business

                For each wharf

                For each person carrying on a business.

                Propriety of newspaper
                For each designated place of business.

                Steps to take to pay Trade Licence

                1.       File an annual return with details for each branch of the business as to either of the following (retailers only)
                                    a) Turnover for the twelve consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of April
                                    b) For the preceding calendar year.
                                    c)  Estimated turnover where applicant has no previous records of trading as a retailer.
                                    d)  Computed turnover(Notional) where the business has been operating for a portion of a year.

                2.       Pay requisite fee at the Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ).

                3.       Licence issued by the Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ.
                See Fees

                Shop Licence

                Anyone engage in the selling of meat, vegetables, ground provision and fresh fruit shall obtain a shop licence from the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation. Applications for a licence to establish such a shop must be made on the prescribed form and address to the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation at its offices in Kingston. Upon receipt of an application for a shop licence the Council shall cause the premises to which such application refers to be inspected and a report of the findings of such inspection shall be attached to the application.
                The Council shall consider every application and shall inform the applicant of the decision within 14 days of such decision.


                Any person who desires to operate as a barber, hairdresser, cosmetologist, beauty therapist or operate a barbershop/beauty salon must obtain a valid Licence from the Kingston & St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC).

                1. Complete Application form below
                2. Take in a health certificate issued by the medical Officer (Public Health) date no longer than two (2) weeks prior to the application date
                3. Take in passport size photographs stamped and signed by a Justice of the Peace (JP)- (3 passport size photographs for first timers     and 2 passport size photographs for renewals)
                4. A certified copy of the relevant certificate or diploma by a professional training institution
                5. Take along your TRN and pay the requisite fees
                6. Pay a fee of five hundred dollars ($500) at the Public Health Department to schedule a test date.
                7. The Kingston & St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) will contact you within three (3) weeks to collect Licence.



                Butcher Licence 
                This is A licence granted to individuals who are deemed competent by the KSA Public Health Authority for the slaughtering of animals.
                Total Cost $6,000

                The Kingston & St. Andrew Muncipal Corporation manages the May Pen Cemetery, the Port Royal Cemetery and the Belvedere Cemetery. 

                HOME BURIAL
                Persons who wish to bury their loved ones at home are required to apply directly to the KSAMC. 

                PAUPER BURIAL
                Pauper burials are free and facilitated at the May Pen Cemetery. Proper documentation must be provided by the Poor Relief Department and taken to the KSAMC office in order to receive a burial order, which should thereafter be submitted to the Superintendent of the May Pen Cemetery. 

                SQUARE CUT GRAVE
                VAULT SPOT
                PUBLIC GRAVE
                CHILD GRAVE
                CHILD VAULT