June 28, 2017

KSAMC New Year's Feeding

In keeping with COVID-19 protocols, our annual Mayor's New Year's Day Feeding of the Homeless (January 1, 2022) was not done in the traditional seated dining arrangements. In place of this, there was a walk through where beneficiaries collected their meals inside St. William Grant Park, and then dispersed to ensure that social/physical distance was maintained.The Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) will be strengthening its commitment to feeding Kingston's homeless in the New Year (2022) as well as expanding its various poor relief and welfare assistance programmes, as Jamaica continues to grapple with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

His Worship the Mayor of Kingston, Senator Delroy Williams, CD will be marshalling the responses which involve the KSAMC's Poor Relief Department along with support from Councillors, corporate Jamaica, volunteers and various church groups. Feeding is only one aspect of the KSAMC's Homeless Programme which is coordinated by its Poor Relief Department located at 65 Hanover Street, downtown Kingston.Through a process of sensitization and collaboration, the KSAMC has successfully promoted the use of all feeding centres which are operated by churches and civic organizations and continues to encourage these activities in appropriate areas by heightening awareness on ways of ensuring the hygienic preparation and serving of food.

We sincerely thank all individuals, entities and groups that have supported our initiatives over the years.

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