June 28, 2017

KSAMC Student Leaders Condemn Violence & Molly

Yesterday (11.11.22) we witnessed democracy at play as student leaders nominated and elected the 2022 Youth Mayor of Kingston, and other representatives as part of the KSAMC's 2022-2023 Junior Council Forum.

We are pleased to formally congratulate Mr. Khijani Williams of Kingston College (Greenwich Town division) on his appointment as Youth Mayor, Mr. Carlton Bell of Calabar High School (Barbican Division) on being elected  Deputy Youth Mayor, Mr. Claude Ashley of Meadowbrook High School as the KSAMC's Youth CEO and all other elected and appointed representatives who will continue the great legacy of the KSAMC’s Junior Council.

We welcome our Junior Council members with open arms and remain committed to working with you through the high times and the low times. We will continue to guide and motivate you in every way possible and equally importantly, we will take your suggestions and feedback to further improve our operations.

We thank the various school administrators, staff members, senior Councillors and our very own planning team for preparing our youth leaders for this year’s initiative.

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