Kulture Key

Kulture Key

Starting at the intersection of Water Lane and Church Street go north along Church street to the intersection with Tower Street, then go east along Tower Street to Duke Street, then from Duke Street go south along Duke Street to the intersection with Water Lane then go west along Water Lane to the intersection with Peters Lane. Then go south along Peters Lane to the intersection with Harbour Street (see Figure 1 below).This area will be referred to as Kulture Key and has been designed to have the shape of a key (see Figure).

This area is expected to be transformed into a new, one of a kind and dynamic Cultural District which will be referred to as ‘Kulture Key.’ Attractions within the space will be expected to highlight a variety of Jamaican culture and at times may highlight international culture.

Cultural Districts

Cultural districts are beneficial to cities. They are unique to the character of the community, and have a significant economic impact on cities, attracting businesses, tourists, and local residents to a central part of the city. Cultural Districts can help revitalize neighborhoods and increase the quality of life for its residents which is necessary for Downtown Kingston and as such the Kulture Key can serve as a focal point to brand the city’s unique cultural identity and embrace its historic significance.

The Kulture Key cultural district will not be restricted to the area stated in Map 1 and 2 and may have more unofficial boundaries that will become a focal marketing point to cluster art work and organizations. Although food and art are the main parts of any cultural district it has the potential to deliver many types of benefits, for both the public and private sector businesses.

Kulture Key

The KSAMC views creativity as an essential component for the expression of Jamaica’s culture which will result in Downtown Kingston’s development. The area is expected to allow for the expression of creativity through all forms of Art and culture within a pedestrian friendly space.The KSAMC has so far begun the transformation of the space by resurfacing Water Lane using interlocking brick pavers. Artists from the Kingston Creative art group have so far painted several art pieces along Water Lane. In February Mexican artist Irving Cano painted a large mural along Temple Lane which expressed both Jamaican and Mexican culture.Temple Lane is expected to have more international art work in that area and the KSAMC is currently seeking artists worldwide to contribute their cultural artwork to continue to transform this space.

Kiosks with Jamaican food, craft,individual artwork, and on occasions music and dance will be on display at Kulture Key. This will attracting locals and internationals; income earning for some, creating a place of educational and social development, giving an increased value to Downtown Kingston.