Tribute to Freedom

Emancipation Park

The park is located in New Kingston and is themed “Tribute to Freedom” with a pair of 11 feet bronze statue, titled “Redemption Song”. It depicts a black man and woman looking towards the sky and is located at the south east entrance of the park. Embedded in the statue’s symbolic meaning is the triumph over the tragedies of slavery. West African spiritual symbols can be seen throughout the design of the park and the colorful tropical plants and flowers make for a relaxing day. It’s a symbol of hope and freedom to the Jamaican people.

Feel free to have a picnic with family or friends, exercise, play games or just read a book.
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Oxford Road and Knutsford Blvd, Kingston

Gibraltar Camp

The grounds of The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus was home to a refugee camp site during World War II.

Kingston Royal Botanical Gardens

On the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Jamaica in 1953, Her Majesty was impressed by the beauty and variety of the botanical collection.

Rockfort Mineral Bath

The Rockfort Mineral Bath is one of Jamaica’s top mineral bath and spa with a stress management centre.

Ward Theatre

The Ward Theatre is the only theatre of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Kingston Waterfront

The Kingston Waterfront is rich in history as it was the departure point for the Windrush Generation to England.

Heroes Park

This Park houses the Jamaica War Memorial for the fallen Soldiers in World War I and II.‍